Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

A guide to announcing your big day and answers, how to word wedding invitations?

You have booked your venue, perhaps chosen your wedding menu and created your guest list for one of the biggest days in your life. You are now ready to announce your wedding day to all your guests but how do you word it?

 Our online personalisation form assists with your wedding invitation wording and asks questions that gives us everything we need to write your wording for you so don't stress! Here at Sienna Mai, we do the writing for you unlike other sites with online design tools so you are in great hands. We have included a guide below with some information on wording to give you an idea on what we will create for you. 

Formal wedding, for instance a religious wedding

In keeping with formalities maybe have the bride’s parents invite your guests however more common couple’s use ‘Together with their families’. Almost all weddings then use ‘request the pleasure of your company’.


Informal weddings, for instance weddings with no religious denomination

These weddings can be worded much more casually and lots of couple use ‘would love to invite’ or ‘Join us to celebrate’. There is no specific etiquette for informal weddings and you can have lots of fun with the wording. You can be as informal as ‘She asked, he said yes and we would love for you to come and join us’.


Bride of groom’s name first….

Traditionally the brides name goes first and that’s true of informal weddings too but either way is fine to use. If you are having a same sex marriage, then choose whatever sounds the best.


Location, location, location...

It’s always a good idea to include the whole address but if you have a tech savvy or local guest list why not just give venue and postcode. That way everyone can find it using their satnav.


Date & time…

Crucially do not forget the date and time. We would recommend giving the start time 15 or 30 minutes before the actual start time to make sure everyone arrives on time even those who are late and there is always one. You can write the date in full i.e. Thirtieth of August Two Thousand and Twenty-One or you can be a little more informal i.e. Saturday, 21st August 2021.



 If your wedding reception venue is different from the ceremony venue, then same rules apply as the location advice. However, if it’s the same simply word it, followed by a reception.


Other sections to include…

Gift wish poems are great to politely ask for money rather than boxed gifts and we have included a few further down under wedding wording templates.

Accommodation and transport options are also great to include especially if many of your guest aren’t local and would find these very useful.



The rsvp panel varies from couple to couple. Some would like their guests to formally RSVP as a letter and some would prefer a text. Becoming more popular are wedding websites and we can include this too. We can also include menu options too.


Sienna Mai Personalisation form

Our easy to follow personalisation form asks all these questions at a click of a button so it so easy to get your wedding invitations perfect without any stress of writing the wording out yourself.


Here are some carefully selected wedding wish poems

 Poems For Couples Who Already Live Together

As we’ve lived together for a year or two,
We really don’t need anything new.
But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,
Some money for our future wouldn’t go amiss.
We’re tying the knot and we just can’t wait,
We knew it would happen on our very first date.
As we’ve got our home dressed up with accessories,
We don’t really think that a wedding gift list is necessary.
But if you did want to give something to help us on our way,
Some money in a card would truly make our day!
We haven’t included a gift list in our invite,
As we have everything — it just wasn’t right…
To ask for more things for the life we lead,
When a reliable new car is just what we need!
If you were thinking of a gift for us to start our married life,
some money would make us a very happy husband and wife!

Poems For Couples Buying a New Home

As we’re getting married we thought it would be fun,
To move into a brand new home — we need to get it done.
As wedding gifts are bulky and we’re a little short on space,
Some money would be the ideal gift to help us buy our place!
We’ll soon be saying ‘I Do’,
And for a gift, if you haven’t got a clue,
Then we’d really love some cash,
So that for our home we can splash,
Out on a cosy new bed for two!

Poems For Honeymoon Contributions

We’ve just moved home and have filled it with stuff,
From books to sofas, we’ve certainly got enough!
Instead of more wine glasses, we’d really love some cash,
So that we can book a perfect honeymoon and head off in a dash.
A romantic beach break would really do the trick,
As soon as we can afford it, we’ll be on that plane quick!
We can’t wait to spend our wedding day with you,
We’ve been planning hard and spending money for a good year or two.
As we’re keen to start our married life in style,
An amazing honeymoon would really make us smile.
Instead of a gift list from a high street shop,
We’d really love some money so on a beach we can flop!
Your financial donation would truly mean a lot,
So thank you for contributing to our honeymoon pot!
In order to make our dreams come true,
We’d love to go on a honeymoon for a week or two.
Instead of a dinner set, a vase or a bowl,
A financial contribution would make our wedding experience whole.
We’ve created a bank account to save our honeymoon money,
We really appreciate it, and we can’t wait to go somewhere sunny!
We’ll be husband and wife for the rest of our life,
In our little home made for two.
But instead of a vase or a new kitchen knife,
We’d love to fly off to somewhere new.
A week on a beach would suffice and be ideal,
So instead of a gift, your contribution would help to buy us a hotel room or a romantic meal!

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