The Most Beautiful Wedding Invitation Trends of 2019/20

The Most Beautiful Wedding Invitation Trends of 2019/20

You've chosen the perfect venue and the date is set for your magical day. You've decided on a list of your closest friends and family members, those you wish to share it with, and now all is left it to design the wedding invitations. Our blog showcases the Most Beautiful Wedding Invitation Trends of 2019/20 

Sienna Mai invitations are designed and handcrafted by our team of talented experts to bring you the most luxurious wedding invitation bundles with which to impress your guests and set the perfect tone before the wedding. There are plenty of different designs to consider, these being the most sublime trends of this wedding season.

Consider going against traditional, and update your invitations to the modern day with a dark and evocative colour scheme. Our hand designed Blackboard Concertina Wedding Invitations shy away from the trends of whites and cremes, instead remaining clean and traditional in design, this is hugely popular this year.

For something a little softer for a more delicate and intimate affair, we can offer the tried and tested Blush Gold Wedding invitation & stationery package. It's becoming increasingly popular in the wedding market to mark the day with an elegant watercolour floral arrangement and your invitations are no exception to this.

But for some, the day is about the people, the union, and the time spent together. To set the tone, a minimalistic design such as our classic Blush French Script Wedding Invitation is the ideal basis for your invites. Clean and simple, they convey the details with demure grace, perfect for a subtle event for you and your love.

Don't forget that for all of our handcrafted designs you can have custom wedding invitation wording, colour pallettes and layout with a huge range of options. Effortlessly bring jaw dropping quality to your invitations. Order online today for fast UK delivery. If you can’t decide which invitations to order, why not request two free samples to help you choose.

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