Wedding Invitations : How to choose the most perfect wedding invitation packagage for your big day

How to choose the perfect wedding invitations for your big day

A wedding is undoubtedly the most special occasion for the two holding each other's hands for life and the families of both the bride and groom. We all want our family, friends and colleagues to be with us on that most memorable occasion and what better way to invite them than to send them the perfect wedding invitations capturing your theme and style perfectly.

 How should we call them over to this special event! This is one of the most important parts of a wedding as it’s the initial opening of the big day. To invite every guest with the perfect wedding invitations that captures the theme, emotions, and happiness of the two bonding together for a lifetime. Wedding invitation packages should reflect your big day and the theme of your wedding be it a vintage theme, boho or a rustic theme in the woods.


Wedding Invitations Planning

Weddings should be designed smoothly with proper planning and a guide to get the best out of them for your special day. Here's the most straightforward guide to how you should choose the perfect wedding packages and invitation cards. 

  • Firstly, think of the season you are getting married in so that your wedding invitations, theme and color scheme match the season perfectly. Here are Sienna Mai we have invitations for every season including Winter /Christmas weddings, Spring, Autumn and Summer weddings.
  • Get inspiration from your venue. Are there roses in the gardens? A barn? A botanical garden? A traditional manor house? or even a destination wedding.
  • Choose two free samples of wedding invitations to help you decide and maybe even go for one that matches your theme but you are really unsure about. They often look different in your hand than they do in the photo.  
  • Look straight to your budget once you get the inspiration for your wedding invitations. Sienna Mai wedding invitations are priced affordably so they don’t blow your budget.
  • Once you have decided on the perfect wedding invitation package, you then need to decide on what details you would like to include so your guests have everything they need to join you on your big day. Sienna Mai makes this process easy as our personalization form asks all the right questions so our talented designers can create the draft for you to check over.

 I want to leave a tip here for you. Choose someone you trust and share your finished draft with them to see if there is anything you have missed out and to help with any amendments. This way you can be confident they are perfect.



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